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Payroll Online

Payroll doesn’t have to be complicated

Let us streamline your payroll process with smart software solutions

So many companies use so many different payroll providers and systems to process their payrolls.  For many companies it proves to be a daunting task each and every payroll period, consuming many labor hours.  Many payroll coordinators are reluctant to consider alternatives due to the comfort level they have with their current payroll provider and system.  Designed Benefits Group eliminates this concern by providing software that works with all top payroll provider systems, integrating seamlessly.

Simplify new hire payroll processing

…and don’t worry about sharing the info.  We’ve got you covered.

Adding a new employee into payroll is like a game of 200 questions.  Gathering the information is only part of the process.  There’s inputting, filing and sharing with appropriate departments.  So, in many cases, you’re multiplying your labor with redundant tasks.  Designed Benefits Group’s payroll software eliminates so much of the labor involved in new hire payroll processing.

Our software automatically gathers from the onboarding process the data we need to add a new hire to payroll.  Future updates for changes in pay, tax status or other issues are handled online via our software.  You simply log on, change the information and our system shares the change with all other systems.

Payroll deductions?  No problem.

It’s as easy as clicking and typing.

Once we’ve established your payroll software we’ll initiate payroll deductions for employee benefits as needed.  This will enable the system to automatically update deductions in the payroll system whenever a change takes place, such as contribution enrollment or a new tax status.  You make the change and the system takes care of the rest.