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Payroll Deductions

Payroll deduction is still the most popular way for employees to contribute to and/or pay for benefits of all types.  From insurance to healthcare to investments, a payroll deduction requires no further action by an employee past the initial authorization process.  Most all payroll deduction plans are on a voluntary basis.

The preferred way to pay

Payroll deduction is not only simple and easy for employees but, when properly implemented, it can greatly reduce the frustration experienced by HR departments everywhere.  It can reduce overall administrative expense.  When an employee chooses to have the premiums from an insurance policy deducted from their pay, they virtually eliminate the possibility of policy cancellation do to non-payment of premiums.  That’s less frustration, better employer/employee relations and higher participation in investment (IRA, 401-K, etc) and insurance programs.

Your Designed Benefits Group representative can help you set up both pre-tax and post-tax deductions.  We make sure you are compliant with all regulations governing payroll deductions.

Contributions made simple

Companies have always looked for ways to increase overall employee participation in financially supporting charitable organizations.  Payroll deduction provides a simple, hassle-free way for employees to voluntarily give to charities without worrying about meeting one more scheduled ‘due date’ payment.  Instead, the employer as agreed upon by both parties deducts all contributions.

Increase participation and ensure adherence to charitable giving commitments by using payroll deductions.