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Group Life Insurance

Life insurance is considered a staple of virtually every employee benefit package.  Designed Benefits Group offers a variety of group life policies designed to provide employees and their loved ones with financial support at the one time when they’ll need it the most, covering final expenses, everyday living expenses and ongoing financial obligations.

Through our vast network of insurance companies, DBG offers a diverse portfolio of flexible options.  Employers can choose to pay all, part or none of the employee’s premiums, based on coverage desired and budget concerns.  Our insurance carriers share a history of providing strong support for beneficiaries and expedient handling of claims.

Insurance plans can include guaranteed coverage in which no health questions are asked.  We also offer spouse and dependent coverage within specific age limits.  There are accelerated benefit policies for terminally ill employees, flexible waiver of premium options for qualifying disability claims and optional accidental death and dismemberment coverage.

Employer-paid term life insurance can include benefit options such as flat amount, percentage of salary or a combination thereof.   With very high benefit limits, you can create a very attractive life insurance benefit for potential employees.  Some policies have provisions for individual purchase rights that allow terminated employees to continue coverage while other policies provide travel assistance for employees and their families.

Employee-paid term life insurance can be made available as sole coverage or as an extra value add-on option to your existing employer paid benefit package.  Some allow for increases in coverage during annual enrollment.  Portability options give employees the opportunity to keep their coverage after leaving their jobs.

Many companies choose to combine life insurance with disability insurance.  Talk to your Designed Benefits Group representative about combining life and disability in your employee benefits plan.