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Group Health Insurance


Let us help you affordably navigate the Health Insurance maze

Since the passage and implementation of the Affordable Care Act in March of 2010, Group Health Insurance has become a very complicated…and expensive…proposition. For decades, health insurance has been an integral piece of the employee benefits package. Companies understand the importance of providing a strong, comprehensive health insurance plan in order to attract and retain key employees. Historically, the price of health insurance has reflected its importance, as it is the most expensive portion of any group benefit plan.

Due to the Affordable Care Act’s passage, health insurance renewal rates have dramatically increased and these costs are being passed down from employers to employees in the form of plans with higher deductibles, co-pays and, ultimately, increased premiums. While increases are apparent in all geographical regions among businesses with 51 to 500 employees, there are striking regional variances, with the highest increase (40%) occurring in the Pacific Northwest and the lowest (31%) found in the Northeast.

While employers can choose a variety of options to control costs, many HR administrators throughout Massachusetts have turned to Designed Benefits Group to develop strategies that ensure compliance with Federal laws while offering employees the attractive benefit packages they demand at costs that are corporately manageable, affordable and maintainable.


From HMO’s to PPO plans, Partially Self-Funded plans to HSA’s, the state of Massachusetts approves a multitude of plans.  Equally helpful is the multitude of companies that issue said plans.  As a client of DBG, you have access to a network of quality providers.  We put over 40 years of collective experience to work for you in designing, administering and servicing a group health insurance plan that satisfies your requirements and the needs of your employees.