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Employee Benefits


Designed Benefits Group: Customized Employee Benefits Plans

Designed Benefits Group works to meet the needs of both employers and employees by implementing plans that provide comprehensive employee benefits in a cost-efficient manner.  From Flexible Spending Accounts to Group Health, our team provides real-world solutions that deliver common sense options to employees.  Our vast network of insurance carriers allows us to tailor packages that are affordable, effective and appealing to both existing employees and new recruits.

We’re able to customize benefit plans with a variety of products, each with specific characteristics that help meet cost and coverage requirements.  Together, we’ll eliminate unnecessary benefits to keep your rates as low as possible without compromising the value and/or effectiveness of your benefit package.  From careful deductible selections to secondary deductible insurance plans, DBG offers smart, innovative options that keep employers AND employees satisfied.


Excellence: the common ingredient of EVERY benefits plan at DBG

Every product…every experience with our customer service representatives is a testament to our quality commitment.  DBG handles every process with a personal attention and detailed focus that makes a difference.  Whether we process a new enrollment, handle a termination, help with a claim or assist you with any other issue, the team at Designed Benefits Group makes every contact with us a rewarding experience.  We strive to earn the gratitude of Human Resource managers, helping to alleviate their workload and simplify processing of all benefits transactions.  Servicing your needs is our business.