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Group Disability Insurance

Group Disability Insurance can be one of the most beneficial types of protection should an employee become too sick or injured to work.  It offers protection for your employee’s most valuable asset: their ability to earn income.

Group Disability comes in two forms: short term and long term.  Short-term disability payment is limited to a predetermined period of time (usually 3-6 months) and pays a percentage of an employee’s income, usually up to a specified monthly maximum benefit amount.  Long-term disability coverage picks up where short-term coverage ends, paying a percentage of the employee’s salary for a predetermined period of time (usually 2-5 years) OR until age 65.

Our agents’ work with you to structure a disability program based on your desired participation.  You can choose to pay all, part or none of the employee’s premiums.

The products offered by our network of insurance providers provide the flexibility, assistance and support for employees to return to work.  They deliver flexible benefit options for a range of payment options and limits.  There is coverage for total and partial disability as well as work incentive benefits that allow part-time work while still receiving benefits.

DBG’s short-term disability products provide ‘own job’ coverage that evaluates the disability based on the employee’s specific job rather than general occupation.  We include options for work-related and non-work-related disabilities.  Long-term disability plans offer employers multiple options as well as the ability to integrate with individual coverage.  Some provide protection for recurring disabilities.  Optional benefits are available to assist with various ongoing premium requirements as well as worksite modifications, plus additional benefits for catastrophic disabilities.