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Business Compliance Services

You don’t have to be a legal expert to be compliant.

DBG provides the protection you need.

Compliance is more than an obligation: it’s the law.  Unfortunately, within the rapidly changing legislative climate that exists today, it can be difficult to stay on top of ever-changing state and federal laws.  Failure to comply, regardless of the reason, results in heavy fines and penalties…or worse.

Designed Benefits Group takes the burden of comprehending the nuances of every law from your shoulders and places it squarely on ours.

We keep you compliant today AND tomorrow.

We’re always current so you’re always current.

DBG keeps you compliant by knowing the state and federal laws, but that’s not all.  We practice due diligence so that we understand every legislative change that results in a new or altered law.  We constantly acquire all documentation necessary to prove compliance, from authorizations to right to privacy notifications.  Our compliance management software makes it a snap to locate and provide verifying documentation to maintain compliance.

We ensure new hire compliance…immediately.

One less thing for you to worry about.


Our software makes it quick and easy to ensure new hires comply with all state and federal laws, and we ensure your company’s compliance with all necessary regulatory boards, commissions and legal branches.  This includes:

  • Gathering and making relevant demographics immediately accessible to comply with EEOC regulations.
  • Generating and storing W4’s for new hires with employer/employee access through our online portal
  • Collecting digital copies of eligibility documents, generating I-9 forms that can be e-signed.
  • Documenting and storing signed agreements as required by state and federal laws.