About Designed Benefits Group: Employee Benefits, Group Health Insurance and more.

We focus on your business…nothing else.

It’s easier to understand the level of professional commitment exercised by Designed Benefits Group when you compare our services to those of other providers.  While many offer a variety of types of insurance, DBG focuses only on benefit plans and the insurance products that make up these plans.  We don’t sell homeowners insurance, car insurance, boat or motorcycle insurance or provide liability coverage.  By limiting our scope, we have placed all of our efforts, expertise and attention on becoming the quintessential benefits solution firm.  Our attention is not divided, our expertise is not compromised and our professional dedication is unquestioned.


You need the best to be the best…

Every business knows that it is only as strong as its weakest link.  From our founding in 1994, Designed Benefits Group understood the need to partner with insurance companies that not only share our commitment to service excellence but have also consistently demonstrated that commitment in measurable and definable ways. High customer satisfaction index, solid financials, a reputation for integrity and a willingness to provide support are characteristics possessed by each and every group insurance provider with whom we partner.



Brian McAllister brings over 25 years of industry experience to Designed Benefits Group.  After serving as a sales manager with Mutual of Omaha, Brian teamed up with Ralph Fratus in 1994.  They formed DBG to provide a higher level of service and focused expertise in benefits solutions.

Brian is a graduate of Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts with post-graduate business course credits from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. An active member of the Middleton community and past president of the Middleton Board of Trade, he is also a member of The Big Brothers/ Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay organization.  Brian has been an active mentor to a little brother for more than 3 years.

Ralph Fratus also possesses more than two decades of employee benefits industry experience. Ralph has worked with Mutual of Omaha as a sales manager earning several Achievement Awards. Ralph also had a prior career as an automotive industry finance and insurance manager that he left behind to partner with Brian McAllister to establish a higher level of service as a benefits solution provider.  Ralph is an avid golf enthusiast and enjoys traveling with his wife Suzanne as well as spending time with their extended family.