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Designed Benefits Group: Employee Benefits in Andover, Burlington, Haverhill, Peabody, Salem,
and all of Eastern Massachusetts.

Innovative Solutions for Today’s Companies

A History of Leadership

Designed Benefits Group has witnessed the evolution of businesses throughout New England for more than two decades.  From technology to federal requirements, social expectations to corporate costs, employee benefits have changed dramatically.

Designed Benefits Group has maintained a flexible approach throughout our history, ensuring that the ever-changing needs of our clients are always met.  This is why DBG has earned a reputation as New England’s preferred provider of intelligent, effective and innovative solutions that meet the needs of today’s businesses.

Service.  Administration.  Cost.  Benefits.

You don’t have to choose with DBG

Too many providers excel in one area.  Unfortunately, it takes ALL four key aspects to assure the overall success of any benefit plan. If one is missing or neglected, the results are less than stellar. Sacrificing service for cost results in frustration, while even the best service cannot overcome a lack of necessary coverage. Designed Benefits Group brings you the best of the best, ensuring you’re never reduced to sacrificing one foundational need for another when it comes to your benefits plan. We’ve spent years researching the insurance marketplace, comparing companies and selecting those who share our passion for delivering on all fronts. Competitive pricing, meticulous administration, consistent service and benefits designed to meet the needs of your employees: DBG brings it all together.

Options that meet every need

Discover the power of independence with DBG

As an independent brokerage group, Designed Benefits Group has developed an unlimited network of insurance carriers who serve New England. These are major carriers with reputations for financial solidity and delivering superior customer service in areas, from benefit selection to claims support. By developing relationships with so many major carriers, we can tailor plans that specifically address your company’s individual needs. DBG has served companies as individual as the people they employee throughout Eastern Massachusetts. You get a benefits plan that is uniquely suited to meet all of your requirements while delivering the coverage that matters most to your employees.